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Heck, what WOULD you use an Illustrator for?

Waaaaaaaal,  there is of course PIRATES, which
is the main thing you might use illustrators for.


BUT that's not all if you're an imaginative sort of person.... You might for example  use one to do your tax returns, though that's not great as ideas go. 

Authors have had tales decorated with our delicious digital drawings; practical  power point (and prezi) presentations have popped up all over the planet with our portrayals. 

National hospitals have used this company of cartoonists to create visuals for staff training and planning. Schools likewise pay us to pictorialise their teaching resources. 



Need some ideas for your next project? Contact us!

Web savvy experts have
broadened their blogs, 
brightening banners
with custom cartoons....

...bands add
our artwork to albums
securing sales of CD's.

Custom caricatures
for bizcards and ads 
and Maps  of your choosing 
are manually made.

Draw yourself out, folks.... 
   have a treat!

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Map of Otahuna lodge,Tai Tapu.


19 August 2013                                                                                 School resources - Games

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Rocket reading6 thumb OL

Local Schools - Martin Van Der Kley's Reading Rocket- poster six

Martin works with schools on the East side of Christchurch, New Zealand. He's been hard at it for quite some time... making ways for the kids to learn skills in ways which sustain their interest. This one is part of his literacy programme, aimed at children about 6 years old.  More...

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